John Le Carré was a constant companion on this literary journey. A posthumously released novel will appear in October 2021. Silverlight is the story, appropriately, of a bookseller who has escaped the city to live in a coastal town. The image below links to the novel. Agent Running in the Field ended with that hotel in Torquay. Or rather, it didn't.

Mick Jackson, author of the brilliant Booker-shortlisted The Underground Man, wrote Five Boys as homage to the area of Devon where he had lived. It covers the secretive activities surrounding Operation Tiger.

References to Daphne du Maurier's work can be found in much of Cornwall, the most famous being Rebecca. The House on the Strand is unusual and worth seeking out.

A friend suggested 500 Mile Walkies by Mark Wallington which I read in a couple of sittings. It is a very funny book about a much younger first long-distance walker who borrows everything for the trip, including the dog. Highly recommended, an honest and self-deprecating narrator. This volume includes Boogie Up the River, Boogie being the name of the borrowed animal.