What equipment you need for a long distance walk is dependent on how you will be spending the night. As most of my nights were outdoors, and in cold and stormy conditions, there were limits to how light the gear could be. It was not deliberate that the equipment used in Any Porth in a Storm was from the USA. It just happened that way. I did attempt to seek the lightest gear possible for my needs, and of those who joined me. 

Osprey backpacks are based in Colorado, USA. Note that the stuff sack needs a dry sac in wet conditions. 

MSR, Mountain Safety Research produce the Pocket Rocket mini stove, Hubba Hubba durable and lightweight tent, and other equipment, and are from Seattle, founded in 1969.

Toaks produce a lightweight titanium windbreak for stoves which save fuel and prevent risk to the environment.

The Deuce #3 trowel is from The Tent Lab in Colorado.  

Microlite ultra-thin flask, 1L capacity, squat, 369g. When you need hot water.

Black Diamond Zip lantern from Ultralight Outdoor gear.

Mini lantern with hook for hanging inside a tent (150 lumens, dimmable), with a torch at the opposite end (90 lumens). Waterproof, 56g. Black Diamond Zip.

Nook ereader from Barnes and Noble, New York.

Other brands of equipment are also available. 

Even gear which combusted, or was destroyed by an unceasing deluge, began as decent gear. Everything has a limit. People are no exception. 

The definitive and essential guide for the Path - Paddy Dillon's South West Coast Path: From Minehead to South Haven Point, from Cicerone Press.